One-Stop Shopping

Efficiency, convenience and savings through consolidation.

Now more than ever, the food service industry has become a highly competitive market place. Businesses are looking for that edge that will provide them efficiencies in their supply chain. 

Plaza Food Systems One Stop Shopping solution is the answer. 

Merge your suppliers into one! PFS administers your merchants, orders, shipping logistics, warehouses your inventory, maintains adequate safety stock and distributes the merchandise straight to your facility. You order and receive your provisions from a single supplier!

Significantly reduce clerical office tasks and back door receiving duties. Free up valuable time to improve day-to-day operations, successfully manage your personnel and develop areas of opportunity. Enhance your business productivity and earnings through the synergies we provide! 

Service Areas

  • Expedited Procurement 

    Our purchasing staff is highly trained and road tested to provide all procurement services required. We contact your suppliers, establish credit terms and plan shipping logistics to determine the most economically efficient and reliable alternative.

    We focus our efforts on reducing your costs, thereby improving your profitability, which in turn allows for business growth.

    PFS maintains excellent relationships with a substantial number of Food Service suppliers & Distributors, both nationally and internationally. There is a high probability we already do business with some of your suppliers!

  • Inventory Management

    Based on years of experience and careful study of inventory management systems in Puerto Rico and abroad, we have been able to fine-tune our storage and distribution processes into an all-encompassing and efficient tailor made system to fit the needs of the food service industry in Puerto Rico. 

  • Warehousing

    We take great pride in our warehouse facility. We’ve been inspected and evaluated by numerous clients and government agencies to ensure we meet their quality control requirements. We encourage you to do the same. Call us to coordinate a visit to our facilities.

    Our 160,000 sqft2 facility includes dry cooler, freezer & cool dock space with ample space to maintain adequate levels of inventory at all three temperatures. 

    We administer the highest levels of pest control as well as fire & food safety standards. We also certify our supervisors in Hazmat material safety compliance and train our warehouse personnel accordingly.

  • Distribution

    We are fully equipped to handle all different units for distribution (cases, bags, single units, pounds, small wares etc.).

    We employ a combination of independent carriers & in house drivers to make all of our deliveries. 

    Our equipment allows up to deliver three different product temperatures to ensure we maximize drop size. 

Customer Service Focused

Our Customer Care Team is available 6 days a week from 7AM - 7PM.

Our customers receive scheduled weekly deliveries ensuring efficient inventory management at store level.

We have the ability to work with the customer to determine the most effective method of order placement,

  • EDI

  • Web ordering

  • Electronic forms

  • Email

  • Phone

We can provide periodic Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) based on our customer’s reporting needs.